Green means go, red means stop, yellow means?! Our journeys are driven by the models we use. Literally! This simple, yet universal model allows us to navigate the roads in every city around the world. In some countries, yellow means "get ready to go" as well as "get ready to stop." In others, it's only used to indicate the latter. Do you remember when you learned this model? Likely not. Since it's so pervasive, you learned it through osmosis, way before you went to driving school or ever became conscious of it. Our models are so embedded, we often forget they're there, guiding all our actions.

While schooling ought to provide us with the models we need for our journey, we're left with certain gaps.

Aviri develops models and methods to assist with your journey - personal, entrepreneurial and organizational.

Notice anything off about this traffic light? We aim to interrupt your existing models and examine them anew.

I. Learn

Aviri Models strike a balance between explainability and communicability. We capture complexity and render it into a model, producing genuine "ahas" of realization and insight. Yet they are as simple as possible, so you can learn them quickly.

II. Locate

Once you've learned an Aviri Model, the next step is to locate yourself within it. Even with a guide, this is work only you can and must do. In doing so, the model becomes a map.

III. Navigate

Having located yourself within the map, you can now take new actions on your journey.