MRE: 3 core energies in people and organizations

MRE Paintings by Tina Schweiger


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  • Know yourself and relate to others
  • Understand people's underlying motivations
  • Build stronger personal and professional relationships
  • Pair up with the right cofounder for your startup team
  • Assemble more integrated entrepreneurial and work teams
  • Help children realize their potential
  • See patterns hidden in plain sight
  • Steward others

The Human Fabric (2004)


Bjioy Goswami with David K Wolpert

You will receive a copy - print and audio - as part of your experience.


Week 1: Learn the MRE Model. The core energies are expressed in people and the world. Learn what they are, how to spot them and gain a new superpower!

Week 2: Locate your Core Energy. Unpack your core energy and gain a deeper understanding of yourself, what drives you and how you express your energy.

Week 3: Apply the model by aligning with your work, relationships, teams and beyond. Complete your MRE Equation.

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  1. Our Journey Together
  2. Chapter 1, The Human Fabric - audio, print
  3. Interview by Sarah Vela
  4. Personality Models, an introduction

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